My Favorite Pink – Sassy Z LipSense

I could go on and on about this color because it is in my top two favorites (along with First Love)! Below is a video that shows you how to apply LipSense, and I’m applying with Sassy Z lipsense color. Also, see how it compares to two of it’s sister colors: aussie rose & dark pink.


Sassy Z LipSense Description

Sassy Z LipSense is a cool-based color with a matte texture. It is seriously gorgeous! In my opinion, it is our truest pink color that we have so if you are looking for the perfect pink, sassy z lipsense is your color. It is a medium pink color and it looks great on most everybody! Here is a stock photo of the color.

Sassy Z LipSense

Sassy Z LipSense Collage

I have so many pictures of myself in Sassy Z (because I wear it all the time), that I wanted to create a sassy z lipsense collage and show you just how gorgeous this color is!!! Check it out below. Sassy z used to be a limited-edition color that came out early to mid year 2017 but it was just recently released in our permanent line up, thank god!!!!!

Sassy Z LipSense Collage

Sassy Z LipSense Color

Sassy z lipsense color can be compared to some of the other pinks, especially dark pink & aussie rose because they are probably the closest in color to sassy z. Here is how they compare!

Sassy Z LipSense Color

Sassy Z LipSense vs Dark Pink

Sassy Z LipSense vs Dark Pink: Both are cool, blue-based colors with a matte finish. Dark pink is brighter in color than Sassy Z. Dark pink is described as a medium, true pink. I would say that Sassy Z LipSense is also a medium, true pink, with a more subtle pink color than dark pink. Check out the comparison below.

Sassy Z LipSense vs Dark Pink

Sassy Z LipSense vs Aussie Rose

Sassy Z LipSense vs Aussie Rose: Sassy Z is a cool, blue-based color and Aussie Rose is also a cool, blue-based color, however Aussie Rose has a shimmer texture. This just means there are obvious glitter particles in the color whereas Sassy Z has no shimmer to it & is a matte color. Aussie Rose is described as a shimmering medium rose pink. Aussie Rose is a more coral pink on me than Sassy Z LipSense. Once again, Sassy Z is definitely a truer pink when compared to Aussie Rose.

Sassy Z LipSense vs Aussie Rose

Sassy Z LipSense Pictures

Here are various occasions where I wore Sassy Z LipSense. You can literally wear this color whenever you want; It’s perfect for everyday to add pink to your lips & it also goes great with a dressier outfit too!

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Sassy Z LipSense Review

Well I think it is pretty obvious that I love this color. I would encourage anyone who wants to try a pink color to purchase Sassy Z. It is such a great all around pink color, you can’t go wrong!

*** Have you tried Sassy Z LipSense before? Comment what you think about it or if you have a favorite combo, let us know!!!

*** BUY SASSY Z HERE! Do you want to get your hands on the best pink color? Yes, you should!! And remember, if you are new to LipSense you will want a starter collection which comes with one color, one glossy & one ooops remover.



Written by Whittney Hills
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