LipSense Distributor Benefits

So it’s no surprise that I am a LipSense distributor. The LipSense distributor benefits are so amazing and generous that I can’t help but share with you guys because I absolutely am loving mine! For only $55, you get your own site to order product from and a discount of 20-50% off products, which is also your commission level for selling those products.

LipSense Distributor Benefits

Before I get into the perks of becoming a distributor, here is a quick glimpse into my journey.

**** Clarification: Those small little percentages that I talk about in my video can turn into MASSIVE INCOME OPPORTUNITY!!! This is where all the money is. You will want to build a team to earn the maximum amount of profits each month. I like to tell my friends that sign up to grab a buddy and learn the business with them! It’s really so much fun doing this with other like-minded women and I am so excited for you to join me!

Top 5 LipSense Distributor Benefits

  1. Discount of 20-50% off your favorite beauty products (LipSense, Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer, ShadowSense to name a few)
  2. Income opportunity is HUGE (more on that below)
  3. Friendships & network of like-minded women who empower & uplift you on a daily basis
  4. Being part of a team, my team!!
  5. Opportunity to earn trips, car and products!!

How much do you make selling lipsense??

I’m sure this question is going through most everyone’s mind at some point or another before they decide to hop on board. I love getting this question because it can be so shocking to some. The amount of money you make selling lipsense is a direct reflection of your efforts and hard work that you put into selling lipsense and building a team. Commissions from building a team can far out weigh your earnings from selling products.

In the beginning, obviously, you will make the majority of your earnings from product sales (beca

use you will be introducing the product to everyone you know)! This is the foundation that the company and compensation plan is built upon….. products!!!!

My first full month with the company, I made over $1,000, which BLEW MY MIND!!! Here I am, a stay at home mom, just beginning to wear lipstick myself, and somehow I made a decent amount of income to bring home to my family for the month. Since that first month back in February 2017, it has only gone up!

Maybe you want to make more? How much per month would be a game changer? $200 for some extra groceries? $1,000 to pay car payments/insurance? $3,000 to pay the mortgage? $10,000 to relieve a lot of stress of your husband? $$$$$? Let me just tell you that all of this is possible with SeneGence!!! The sky is seriously the limit because there are so many different ways to sell these amazing products (individuals, referrals, events, shows, boutiques, salons, etc). If the determination and hard work are there, it WILL happen. And a bonus?

I have noticed that SeneGence does not have as strict of selling rules compared to some other direct sales companies which is awesome for us! Want to know another great thing about this opportunity? Check out the Senegence distributor map below …… this opportunity is HUGE!!! Not one single state is over saturated with distributors. Where are you located on this map???

SeneGence Distributor Map


LipSense Distributor Pay / LipSense Pay Scale

The SeneGence compensation plan is like none I have seen before (and this is not my first rodeo with direct sales). It is $55 to sign up and then there are absolutely NO monthly fees or hidden costs. Once a year you pay the $55, just like a Costco membership. The only requirement is that you purchase $200 in a six month time frame (which ends up being less out of pocket because of your discount).

Automatically you get 20% off all your orders and up to a 50% discount on your orders depending on the quantity you spend. And your discount level is also your sales commission percentage. For example if you buy your products at 50% off, when you sell them at retail price, you will make 50% on that sale!!! The best part? SeneGence (the company that makes LipSense) just made it even easier to reach that 50% off level. I explain all about it here!

Selling LipSense has been awesome… I’ve gotten to do something I love and can call my own, all while continuing my demanding roll as a stay at home mom and spend all my time with my little guys!

Along with your sales commissions, you can earn a generous compensation for team commissions. There is an entire structure on earnings which is outlined below:

SeneGence Compensation Plan

Ready to get your business going today???

Follow these steps below. Not ready to start, but still interested in the opportunity? Please leave me a comment or shoot me an email at & we can chat.


  1. Go to my unique SeneGence website here
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click “Sign up now”

    LipSense Sign up

  3. On the next screen, make sure my name appears with my ID and select “Individual Account” as the account type
  4. Click “Continue” at the bottom of the screen

  5. Verify I am your sponsor, click “yes”

  6. Enter all of your contact information on the next screen (when it asks for your fictitious business name, leave it blank or put your first and last name. This is what your commission checks will be made out to)
  7. Select the “new distributor kit” for $55. You are ready to sign up!
  8. Welcome to my LipSense team!!! Wohoo!

Once you sign up, I will be notified that I have a new team member.

I will reach out to you and help you crush your goals with this business!!!

Together, we can be unstoppable and the sky is truly the limit!



Written by Whittney Hills
I educate and help women with long lasting beauty products as well as help them earn a plan B income from home. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE