This past weekend we celebrated my cousin’s wedding at Coto Valley Country Club (highly recommend this venue to anyone local to Orange County). We had so much fun!!! Here is a picture of my family before the wedding.

Before going, we contemplated having a babysitter pick up our little guy Dylan because we weren’t sure if he would make it through the entire wedding. Well, it’s a good thing we decided NOT to do that because he was a dancing machine and danced his little heart out the entire night. He was SO good!!! Here is a picture of my littlest dance machine Dylan.

And his big bro’s, Mason & Owen, were the ring bearers. They took this job super serious and had a blast. After the wedding on our way home, Owen said he wanted to be a ring bearer again LOL…. so who’s next?! 😉 Auntie Amanda? Here is a video of the ring bearers headed down the aisle.

One of the cutest moments at the wedding for me was when Mason and Owen got introduced into the wedding reception. Of course they picked the Despacito song to come dancing in to. I was at our table with Dylan in his high chair (he was on my iPhone watching YouTube) when the boys came out and the next thing I know, Dylan is standing in his high chair wanting to get out there with his brothers. So of course I let him out and he flew to that dance floor so fast and started dancing with his brothers. It was adorable!! They really captured the hearts of all the guests at the wedding too. Here is the video of them dancing to Despacito! Make sure to watch it all the way through to see Dylan’s performance.

I forgot how fun family weddings are. My dad’s side of the family has a HUGE family with tons of cousins and only a few of us have gotten married so far, so I’m so looking forward to more family weddings in the future!

Check out how adorable my boys were dressed in their cute little bow ties and suspenders! These made for the cutest toddler boy wedding outfit. They were SO EXCITED to wear the outfit, especially the “work shoes like daddy’s”. I’ve linked the outfit details below because it was seriously the perfect outfit for a wedding!!! We originally had gotten some different pants but when my mom read the reviews of the ones they ultimately wore from Amazon, we switched them out for these & they totally made the outfit!!! Perfect ring bearer outfit!

ring bearer outfit toddler boy wedding outfit toddler boy wedding outfit

Toddler/Boy Dress Pants: Gioberti Boys Flat Front Dress Pants
Suspenders & Bow Tie Set: Sportoli8482; Kids and Baby Elastic Adjustable Solid Suspender and Bow Tie Gift Set
Shoes: Big Boys & Little Boy
Shirts: GAP Kids Oxford Button-Down Shirt

As for my outfit, I had just gone to the sample sale of the year which included Stillwater clothing. OMG! It is the prettiest & most flattering dress up clothes ever (and I say dress up because this is not stuff I would normally wear everyday)! The skirt I wore was Stillwater & the shirt is ASTR brand from Nordstrom. Links below!

Stillwater Clothing Senegence makeup

Skirt: Stillwater – the Utha Side Skirt – similar pattern here
Top: ASTR Cowl Neck Tank
Shoes: Sam Edelman Yaro Ankle Strap Sandal in Oatmeal Suede
Face Makeup: SENEGENCE

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did sharing it with you all! But seriously, if you need outfits for your little guys for a wedding, or any special occasion, I highly suggest the outfits my boys wore. Super simple & easy & CUTE!!! And I’m still drooling over my Stillwater skirt!



Written by Whittney Hills
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