Hey everyone!!!! For those of you that know me, you know I LOVE to workout!!!! I workout anywhere from four to six times per week (seven would be amazing but my schedule and mom duties don’t really allow for that, haha) & love how I feel after. It keeps me sane!

So I thought I would share some fall fitness tips with you guys to help motivate & get you moving during what I believe, is the most sluggish season of all, FALL!!! Below is a list of some tips to stay active. Let me know if you agree with my tips or have some good ones of your own by commenting below!!!!

Fall Fitness Tips

  1. Try Something New. This is #1 on my list for personal reasons! When I have been in a slump, I changed it up and tried something new (and boy am I so glad I did!). Try a new class or even a new home workout (heck, a new gym might even work). You would be surprised at how this can totally change your mindset. I have always been the one to go to the gym and do my own thing….usually resulting in the same cardio machine for twenty minutes and then the same rotation of arm, back, leg workouts. Guess what? This gets BORING after months and months of the same thing. So I started trying new workout classes offered at my gym. I’m addicted to ALL OF THEM!!! I don’t even have a favorite workout class but I now love & look forward to going to the gym and working out to take my classes: barre fushion, indoor cycling, kettlebell, barbell & even hotย  yoga (who am I??)!!!
  2. Be an Active Lazy Bum. I’m talking about all those hours we are spending in front of the TV watching football, hallmark movies, or if you areย  like me, reality TV! Rather than just sit and watch, get moving! Do some squats, push ups, sit ups, lunges, etc. You will be surprised at how much you can squeeze in during that time (and how tired and out of breath you can get). I have always been a person who thought you need cardio, and lots of it, to tone and lose weight…..WRONG! One day (this was awhile ago) I decided to try some squats while I was watching TV & I was sore for the next three days….. that was when my view point was totally changed. And if you are reading this thinking to yourself, “but whittney, I am the person that likes to watch TV and do nothing else while I’m watching”, then try this….. Next time your show is on, watch it live and get moving during the commercials. That will still give you plenty of workout time!
  3. Stay Consistent. As easy as it is to roll over and hit snooze, DON’T DO IT! My suggestions for staying consistent are to PLAN PLAN PLAN! Map out your week and figure out what times you are available to work out & put it on your calendar. You will look forward to that time. If you like taking classes, check the schedule ahead of time so you know which ones you will be attending for the week, and GO. Make time for yourself, you will be thankful later. I can honestly say that I have never regretted a work out…Have you??!! That’s what I thought ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. Find your Motivation. What motivates you to workout? You must find the answer in order to put in the work and actually workout. Do you want to lose some weight? Fit into those skinny jeans this fall? Look fab for your wedding? Shed those stubborn last few baby pounds? Whatever it is, figure it out & keep your eye on the prize. Did you accomplish your goal and are now looking for your new motivation?? Find it! I’m telling you – this will help you with #1, #2 and #3 above & be so worth it! And once you start finding what you enjoy doing to stay active, you will want to keep doing it because it’s fun. Working out is definitely my outlet from being a mom. It’s my one hour during the day of me time where I feel good & work on myself! (Maybe this is why I haven’t given up on yoga yet…. it’s so not me but something tells me I need it in my high-stress life. I’m an anxious person always & yoga is the total opposite)
  5. Have an Accountability Buddy. Last but definitely not least, find a friend to workout with. It’s always harder to bail when you are turning a friend down, right? Show up for them & do it for yourself! I don’t think I would have been able to do #1 above without a buddy. That is just my personality and it’s hard for me to branch out by myself. I tried all my new classes with my sister or friends. Now I can go by myself, haha. Having a buddy will also help you to stay consistent!Aaptiv Reviews

**** One great option for staying accountable & consistent, especially as a busy mom on the go, or mom-to-be, is the Aaptiv app. Have you heard of it before??

Aaptiv App

It’s an awesome audible all-in-one fitness app where you can listen to instructors coach you through a workout of your choice. They have all types of workouts ranging from the elliptical, strength training, cycling, running, yoga, and they even have programs to get you training for races, including marathons!!! WOWZA!They seriously have it all! One of the biggest perks and reasons why I was interested in the Aaptiv app was because it provides busy moms like myself, an easy and accessible way to stay active and strengthen our bodies from anywhere, anytime of the day! I wish I would have learned about this app prior to my pregnancies because they also have some awesome maternity workouts – specific ones for first, second and third trimesters. Along with maternity workouts, they have stroller workouts too! GENIUS!

So what get’s you moving?? Any other fitness tips that you can add to my list, comment below!! I’d love to hear other people’s opinions because it might just help someone else in their fitness battle….. and it can definitely be a battle at times!




Written by Whittney Hills
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