Hey ladies! I have been so busy with the holidays & kids going back to school that my blog has been somewhat neglected lately…. But I’m back and ready to share one of the best products to clean your makeup brushes with!!! It’s one of those electric brush cleaner that I’m sure you have all seen in an infomercial or a Facebook ad, haha.

Electric Brush Cleaner

I received it as a Christmas gift and have used it & absolutely love it. How many times do you truthfully clean your brushes?? And do you have fun doing it? I’m guessing your answers are probably, “I can’t remember the last time I cleaned my brushes” & “heck no”! haha….

Enter the most fun & awesome makeup brush cleaning tool on the market! This bad boy is so much fun & will clean 95% of all brushes on the market.

So, why do you need to clean your brushes frequently? That is a great question and I never knew how often you actually needed to clean your brushes. Makeup brushes should be cleaned AT LEAST twice per month (according to the side panel on the product), however I have heard once a week by some others in the beauty industry, and I’m sure others would say different but I think twice a month should be good, and let’s face it, that is way more often that I have been cleaning my brushes.

You are not only removing old makeup left on the brush, but bacteria, oil, dirt, and dead skin as well. And eyeliner brushes should be cleaned even more often to prevent eye infections (yuck)! I will be honest, I have definitely gotten an eye infection from using old brushes/makeup & it was not fun.

Using this product, which you can find on Amazon (Makeup Brush Cleaner Set ), is a definite time-saver. It cuts the drying time almost completely, as the brushes come out clean & dry….win win! Plus it is super easy, quick, clean and efficient.

Spinning Makeup Brush Cleaner

Here is a short video tutorial of me cleaning some of my brushes using the spin brush cleaner!

Spin Brush Cleaner – Step by Step Instructions

  1. Fill the bowl with some soap & water.
  2. Attach the appropriate size collar to your brush and insert the brush into the cleaner.
  3. Let brush bristles soak under water for five seconds before spinning.
  4. Spin clean under water for 10 seconds.
  5. Spin dry above water for maximum of 10 seconds.
  6. Repeat step 5 if needed.

If you would like to try this product out yourself, Click HERE to Purchase it, you will not regret it! Best $30 spent! And if you still aren’t sold, here are just a few of the benefits of using a spinning makeup brush cleaner:

  • Economical & Efficient – the spin brush cleaner cleans and dries your brushes in seconds which directly prolongs the brushes lifespan.
  • Simple & Convenient – so user friendly & there are only three easy steps: assemble, spin to rinse, spin to dry.
  • Sturdy & Durable – the bowl is made of environmentally friendly plastic which is more durable that glass bowls & the shape of it provides it to be splash-proof.


SeneGence Brush Cleaner

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Electric Brush Cleaning Device

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Written by Whittney Hills
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