Bella LipSense

When I started wearing LipSense, Bella was out of stock and a “unicorn” color. I knew when it came back I needed to try it &  luckily it came back soon after. It is such a pretty dark color to wear going out or for a special occasion. It’s not a color I rock on the daily, but you totally could if you feel comfortable with darker lips. The Bella color is included in the neutral category (the other two are warm/yellow-based & cool/blue-based) & has a matte texture . It is such a unique color so for that reason I believe it is a must have in everybody’s makeup bag.

One of my favorite colors that I will compare bella lipsense to is first love.

LipSense First Love vs Bella

Bella lipsense and first love are both categorized as neutral colors (meaning, they look pretty damn good on anybody). Bella is described as a creamy neutral, matte brownish-mauve color. First love is described as a matte, nude-pink. Here are two stock photos of both colors side by side. As you can see, first love is way lighter in color than bella is.

Bella LipSense Color

Both of these colors are definitely in my makeup bag and for different reasons. When comparing lipsense first love vs bella, first love is perfect to wear as an everyday, do anything in it color. Bella on the other hand, I like to wear for special occasions – it is my go to for date nights, weddings, mom’s nights outs, etc. Both gorgeous!!! NEED BOTH!!! Here are a couple comparison pictures of me in both colors…. and check out the 3rd picture. The 3rd one is me wearing a LAYERED look: First Love, Bella, First Love, with Glossy gloss. How gorgeous is that bella color combinations ?!

Bella Lipsense color Lipsense first love vs bella Bella Lipsense color combinations Bella LipSense Color Combinations

Bella LipSense vs Napa

If you want to learn more about Napa, head on over to my post all about Napa here. Basically, bella lipsense vs napa is a hard, but somewhat obvious choice. The only reason I say obvious is because these colors aren’t super similar. It’s is a brownish matte and napa is a berry-pink-red shimmer color. They are pretty different in terms of the color & texture, but both are great colors! Here are the stock comparison pictures along with a couple pictures of me in both. Which do you think is prettier?

Bella LipSense Color

Bella Lipsense color Lipsense Bella vs napa

Bella LipSense Color Combinations

Bella is one of my top favorite colors for layering to create different color combinations. This is because it is such a great dark neutral color that works well with other colors. It is awesome to darken lighter colors up with or you could even tone down or change the hue of darker colors with bella. Bella layering is a must! Here are just a few of my favorite bella lipsense color combinations!

bella lipsense layering bella lipsense colors bella lipsense combo

Bella LipSense New Formula

So in mid 2017 the manufacturing switched from Irvine to Foothill Ranch, CA & when doing so, the formula is slightly different. Honestly, I love them both & can’t tell a huge difference. The biggest difference to me would be the consistency. The old formula was thicker & harder to apply. The new formula seems to be thinner & easier to apply. Because it’s thinner, I think the pink stands out more whereas the older version had a more brown tone. Here is a video of me apply half old and half new on my lips. Which do you prefer???!

Bella LipSense Matte

Okay I’m not going to lie, matte gloss is not my favorite. It’s hard to wear on colors and the staying power of lipsense is sometimes compromised a bit with this gloss, BUT I have to say, bella is my favorite color to wear with matte gloss. Bella with matte gloss = perfection! I have a couple pics to share but the lighting isn’t great, sorry. You get the idea though =)

Bella LipSense Matte lipsense bella matte

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Did you know that bella lipsense is a top selling color? DUH, yes I knew that!!!!! Want to know what the other top colors are?? Read more here to find out.

How to Order Bella LipSense

Now you have read through this post and are dying to have bella lipsense, right? YES!!! Lucky for you I have plenty of this beauty in my hoarding stash, I mean stock pile, so you can get your hands on it quickly. Click here to order (and make sure that if you are new to lipsense, you also order glossy gloss $20 & ooops remover $10 – you will need these for lipsense to be long lasting & to come off/fix mistakes!).



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